Report or Check an Outage


A downed power line is always assumed to be live and deadly.

Call 1-800-867-5222 immediately to report your emergency.

Downed Power Line Safety

Downed lines can kill. If you see a downed electric line, always assume it's live and deadly.


  • Keep young children and pets away from fallen electric lines.
  • Always keep at least 200 feet away from any downed line. The ground around a fallen power line may be energized and deadly.
  • Stay where you are, including inside your vehicle, unless you see fire or smoke.


  • Don't touch the downed line with your hand or any object – including sticks, brooms, or poles.
  • Don't touch anything in contact with the power line, including cars, equipment, objects, or other people.
  • Don't drive over a power line.
  • Don't try to rescue someone touching a downed line – you could be injured or killed.