Large commercial new construction:

Energy Strategies and Incentives for New Construction and Major Renovation

Energy-efficient buildings mean more than highly specialized materials and innovative architectural, electrical, and mechanical systems. Better buildings mean better business — a source of tangible, lasting competitive advantage.
Efficiency is a process, driven by careful planning and smart choices. As you plan for new construction, we encourage you to learn about and capitalize on better technologies and practices to reduce operating expenses, improve building performance and increase facility value.
The Large Business New Construction Program offers technical assistance and financial incentives to large commercial and industrial customers who are building new facilities, adding capacity for manufacturing, replacing failed equipment, or undergoing major renovations. This program targets time-dependent opportunities by incorporating energy efficient equipment and systems into the project design.
The Large Business New Construction program provides assistance in four critical areas:
  • Design Services - Create a plan that takes full advantage of energy-efficient systems and technologies.
  • Technical services - help customers become aware of cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities for their facilities.
  • Educational Services - Learn how to maintain and operate your building to yield maximum energy savings.
  • Financial - Save on the cost of technologies that reduce energy expenses and improve the comfort of your facility.

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