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Commercial high-efficiency heating equipment

Heating equipment is typically the largest energy users. Rhode Island Energy offers incentives to help offset the rising cost of energy and significantly reduce the cost to replace an old furnace or boiler with new high-efficiency heating equipment. Rebates up to $1,500 are available for heating equipment that meets or exceeds program defined Annual Fuel Usage Efficiency (AFUE) and/or other efficiency ratings.
We offer rebates to businesses who install efficient versions of the following equipment. To determine if your equipment meets the program requirements please visit
  • ENERGY STAR ® programmable thermostats, up to $25 each
  • Aftermarket boiler reset controls, $225 each
  • Steam traps, $75 each – pre-approval needed if replacing more than 70 units

Natural gas hot water

Installing a natural gas water heating system will prove helpful to the environment and your bottom line. We offer rebates to qualifying businesses installing efficient versions of the following equipment
  • On demand tankless (with electronic ignition) $800
  • High efficiency indirect water heaters $400
  • Condensing standalone water heaters >95% thermal efficiency $500
  • Integrated water heater/condensing boiler with 0.90 energy factor and 90% AFUE or greater $1,500
To learn more, please contact a Rhode Island Energy professional at 1-800-787-1706 or email us at
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