Competitive supply

Choosing my competitive supplier

How to shop

Know your current supply costs
Before obtaining prices from energy suppliers:
  • Know the price you are currently paying for the supplier services found on your bill.
  • You may also view our past and current costs for supplier services by visiting supply costs.
Supplier prices

Obtain prices from energy suppliers. Contact information for participating energy suppliers can be found on our energy supplier list. When contacting an energy supplier, be sure to understand the following:
  • What is the term of the contract?
  • Are there minimum bill amounts?
  • Are the energy prices fixed, or will they change from month to month?
  • Does the supplier have a customer service center or website?
  • Will the supplier bill you directly, or will charges be included in your current bill?
  • Are there any early termination fees associated with the contract?
Savings or additional cost

Compare the prices by subtracting our supply costs (Step One) from the energy supplier prices (Step Two).
Estimate savings or additional cost

To estimate your monthly savings or additional costs, multiply your monthly kWh (from a recent bill) by the savings or additional cost from Step 3. Energy usage can vary significantly from month to month, so this estimate will apply only to that month you have chosen for your example.
Example of this process:
   8.200¢/kWh Step 1: Supply Costs (for example only)
– 8.000¢/kWh Step 2: Supplier Prices (for example only)
   0.200¢/kWh Step 3: Your Savings
   0.200¢/kWh Step 3: Your Savings
X 1225 kWh/month Step 4: (Step 3 X Monthly kWh)
$2.45/month savings
For more details, review Frequently asked questions: Energy
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