In August 2012, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities approved National Grid’s Smart Grid program that offers new energy management tools, devices, and pricing options to 15,000 customers in the City of Worcester.
The National Grid Smart Energy Solutions program was developed in partnership with customers and strategic partners in the city of Worcester and is designed to provide select customers a new level of choice and control over their energy use. The program offers new technologies and upgraded infrastructure to these customers, with the goals of empowering customers to save energy, increasing electric service reliability and improving response to power outages. Participating customers will be able to choose their level of involvement and will receive new online or in-home tools, and devices, along with new pricing options– depending on their level of participation – to help enable them to better manage and reduce their energy use.

Smart meter

Smart meters will serve as the gateway to new energy management tools, devices and pricing options for pre-selected customers in Worcester.

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Technology choices

Several in-home technology options will help participating residential customers save energy and improve their energy lifestyle.

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National Grid is partnering with the City of Worcester to create a smarter energy future.

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Smart grid program locations

About 15,000 customers in certain areas in Worcester have been pre-selected by National Grid to be eligible for the pilot program.

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Pricing options

New pricing options will be offered to customers participating in the Smart Energy Solutions program.

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For business customers

National Grid aims to help business customers make better decisions about their energy use.

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Frequently asked questions for residential customers

Click here to learn more about the Smart Energy Solutions program for residential customers.

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Frequently asked questions for business customers

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